As regional as possible, as seasonal as possible, as sustainable as possible - that is our goal! We are committed to this and we work on it every day. We already cooperate with many regional producers and enjoy working with Hessenpark's own agriculture. It couldn't be more local.

Our range of food and drink is regional, seasonal, organic and sustainable.

As a member of Hessen à la Carte, it is a pleasure for us to cook traditionally and regionally. Our kitchen director, Raphael Reichardt, is also a member of Euro-Toques Deutschland e.V.. The association is committed to preserving traditional recipes and regional products, such as old vegetable varieties that are grown here by Hessenpark Landwirtschaft exclusively for Hessenpark Gastronomie.

Our next goal: a concept for to-go food and drinks within the park without waste.


Energy-efficient lighting in the building, energy-saving appliances when shopping.
Water-saving measures in bathrooms and toilets.
Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Use of water- and energy-saving dishwashers and washing machines.
Dosing systems for detergents and cleaning agents to reduce waste.
Waste separation in the rooms and avoidance of individually packaged hygiene products.
No portion packaging in the restaurant, use of reusable packaging.
Regional purchasing, avoidance of long journeys.
Paperless working at reception and in the office.
Sustainable management for future generations